"The first time I saw Scott Stearman's inspired work, I knew that it fit rescue mission ministry. Now I see them at award ceremonies and rescue mission presentations all over the country. They are a reminder of the reasons we reach out to rescue the lost and broken. Scott Stearman has taken the goals of rescue mission ministry and made them visual through his outstanding sculptural work."

Rev. Steve E. Burger, Executive Director
Association of Gospel Rescue Missions

"We at Knox Area Rescue Ministries are very grateful for the skills and talents with which God has blessed the artisans and craftsmen at the Christian Home Gallery. The Fishes and Loaves sculpture created by The Christian Home Gallery, depicting the hand of men, women, and children receiving substance from His hands, captures the essence of our ministry to the homeless and destitute. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence were invaluable to this project."

Stanley E. Frazier, Vice President/COO
Knox Area Rescue Ministries

"It is important for all of us to have visual reminders of our faith. Art that communicates a Christian message becomes a permanent visual sermon when placed in our homes or offices. It preaches its message every time it is seen and communicates its 'truth' consistently no matter what the mood of the day. It is a reminder of what it is that we say we believe and it confronts us daily with the question, 'Does my life match the faith that I profess?'"

Dr. Jim Garlow
Skyline Wesleyan Church
San Diego, California

"We love the Christian art in our home, it's not only a reflection of the beliefs that we treasure but, when asked about a sculpture, it has given us many opportunities to talk with our friends about our faith in Christ."

Dave Anderson, Kansas City


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