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A company dedicated to providing affordable gallery quality Christian theme sculpture.

We invite you to browse our Christian Home Gallery catalog which displays our collection of home/office-sized sculptures by one of Americaís finest artists, Scott Stearman. All of these products are currently available for purchase.

Masters Custom Studio creates and produces affordable sculpture to the design and budget criteria of our clients. This section provides information for individuals or organizations interested in having a custom produced or designed sculpture for a specific purpose, whether a single sculpture or in quantities.

In the Junior Achievement section, you will find sculptures that have been designed exclusively for Junior Achievement. These sculptures serve as a constant reminder of the importance of their service and commitment to Junior Achievement.

Our News section highlights news and upcoming events that may be of interest to our friends and clients.

The history and purpose of the Christian Home Gallery and Masters Custom Studio, as well as sculptor Scott Stearmanís biography, are detailed in the About Us section.

In the Life-Size Monuments section, you will find some existing life-size bronze sculptures permanently placed throughout the country.

For information on purchasing any of our products, please visit How to Purchase.

Our Contact Us page provides order and contact information for The Christian Home Gallery, and Masters Custom Studio


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